On The Rocks 2020

On the Rocks (2020) ออน เดอะ ร็อค

On The Rocks Laura and Dean are a married couple living in Manhattan with two young daughters: Maya and Theo. Laura, a novelist, is stuck in a rut as she struggles to finish her novel. Dean, a young, attractive entrepreneur, is employed in a start-up company that deals with technology. He frequently leaves Laura to look after their daughters. When he returns from a business trip Dean goes to bed to kiss Laura. To Laura’s surprise, however, Dean abruptly stops when Laura’s voice is heard and goes to bed. Laura discovers a woman’s personal toiletry bag inside Dean’s luggage the following day. He later explains that it belonged to Fiona who was his business associate. He offers to take it in his suitcase as she was unable to fit it into her carry-on. On The Rocks HD

Laura decides to confide her concerns regarding Dean to her father, Felix, a wealthy, semi-retired art dealer. An avid playmate for a long time, Felix flirts with most women he encounters and is convinced that men have a biological inclination to cheat. Felix believes Dean of having an affair and suggests an investigation. Laura is encouraged to look at Dean’s phone for any suspicious messages. Laura reluctantly does so, but finds nothing extraordinary. 

Dean FaceTimes Laura when she’s traveling for business. He presents her with a gift, a Thermomix. Laura does not seem very excited about the gift. Despite previously insisting that she was not going to celebrate her birthday, Laura agrees to go out for dinner with Felix. Felix reveals that Dean followed and he was seen shopping for jewelry at Cartier. Laura begins to suspect that Felix is the culprit when Felix decides to take Laura in his old sports car to meet Dean at a restaurant. Felix and Dean take off in a taxi along with Fiona. Felix speeds through the streets after them, but Laura is stopped by two police officers for reckless driving. Felix has a connection with the father of one officer and uses this to charm his way out of a ticket.

Felix later discovers that Dean is planning a trip to a Mexican resort, something Laura isn’t convinced of. Later that day, Dean casually tells her about the trip. When she learns that Fiona is going on the trip as well the suspicious Laura calls Felix and convinces her to follow Dean to Mexico in an effort to track Dean. Felix and Laura discover Dean’s hotel room. Laura runs to confront Dean and is shocked to discover Fiona with a different female in the room. While she is there, Dean calls Laura to inform her that he left early and is on his way back home. Confronted with her error, Laura lashes out at Felix and accuses him of being selfish and berates him for his bad treatment of her mother on whom he cheated many years earlier.

Dean and Laura engage in a conversation in New York. They share their worries and fears. Laura had felt alienated because of Dean’s continuous business journeys. Dean said that he was busy because he wanted more time with his family. They reach an agreement and Laura overcomes her writing block. Felix later visits Laura and they begin to come to an agreement. While dining at a restaurant Dean surprises Laura with a second birthday present: an engraved Cartier Watch. Laura removes the Felix vintage watch she received and puts it on Dean’s.

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