Terminator : Dark Fate 2019

Terminator : Dark Fate (2019) ฅนเหล็ก : วิกฤตชะตาโลก

Terminator : Dark Fate

Terminator : Dark Fate Three years after the destruction of Cyberdyne Systems in 1998, Sarah and John Connor were enjoying their lives on a beach in Livingston, Guatemala when they were attacked by T-800 Terminator. The Terminator, one of many that were sent back through time by Skynet kills John and then vanishes within a couple of minutes, in spite of Sarah trying to stop the attack.

2020: 2020: The Rev-9 A sophisticated Terminator returns to 2020. He is sent back to Mexico City in order to murder Dani Ramos. Grace, a cybernetically enlisted soldier, is assigned to defend Dani from 2042. The Rev-9 disguised as Dani’s father, is able to gain access into the auto assembly facility in which Dani and her brother Diego work however, it is stopped by Grace who escapes with her siblings. The Rev-9, with the ability to break into two separate entity (its cybernetic endoskeleton as well as its shape-shifting liquid exterior) is on the hunt and kills Diego and encircling Grace and Dani. However, Sarah arrives and temporarily disables both entities by using weapons of military grade.

Grace, Dani and Sarah leave for the hotel. Instead, nuclear weapons were used. This led to the creation of the nuclear Holocaust which led to the AI creating a whole machine network that would eliminate all human survivors. The survivors organized the Human Resistance to counter Legion’s attacks. Dani’s fate is linked to their fight against Legion.

Grace trace Sarah’s messages back to Laredo, Texas. In trying to escape the Rev-9 and authorities when they cross the Mexico-United State border, they reach their entry point and discover the T-800 that killed John. After completing its purpose and with Skynet not being in existence the T-800 was adrift. After a time of learning it became aware. It gained knowledge from other humans and developed a conscience, adopting the name “Carl” and joining the human family. After seeing Sarah’s suffering and being able to see the shifts in time, Carl decided that he warned her to inform her of plans to amend their ways. Carl offers to assist them in their fight against the Rev-9. They are working to eradicate the rev-9. Sarah is reluctantly able to join with them to benefit Dani. As they wait for Rev-9’s arrival Carl bids its families farewell and tells them to get out of the way.

They search for an army-grade electromagnetic pulse generator (EMP generator) that Sarah’s friend loaned them. Rev-9 takes them in and creates Grace, Sarah and Dani to tumble from their planes into a river near an hydroelectric power plant. Carl and Rev-9 then grab them.

The group takes up residence inside the facility following being defeated. In the following combat, Carl and Grace force the Rev-9 to turn into a turbine, creating an explosion that severely causes damage to the two Terminators, while mortally wounding Grace. The injured endoskeleton of the Rev-9 disables Sarah which forces Dani to confront the challenge on her own. Grace, a dying Grace who is dying tells Dani that she’ll draw on her power source in order to fight the Rev-9. Dani is determined to fight the Rev-9, but soon becomes overwhelmed. Carl activates itself and holds the Rev-9, which permits Dani to stab it by using Grace’s power source. Carl is able to carry the Rev-9 as well as itself across a ledge , prior to the power core exploding breaking the two pieces.

Dani and Sarah take a break to take a look at Grace’s fun in the playground. The former is determined to stop Grace’s decline and the rise of the Legion. Dani informs Sarah to prepare. Grace is watching as the two leave.

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