Swept Away 2002

Swept Away

Swept Away

Swept Away Amber Leighton is a wealthy socialite, spoilt spouse of a millionaire. She joins two other couple on a cruise trip from Italy to Greece. Amber develops an instant and severe dislike for Giuseppe, a deckhand, and slams him repeatedly throughout the journey. She insists on going on a dinghy to an lark on the way and ignores Giuseppe’s warnings about the possibility of a storm.

While on their dinghy cruise, Amber berates Giuseppe incessantly but it gets worse once they run out of gas. After a string of mishaps, Amber damages the dinghy and the boat is washed in the ocean on an abandoned island.

Thanks to his survival skills, Giuseppe is able to get the upper hand on the island. As the roles shift, Giuseppe becomes more dominant over Amber’s actions, while Amber is submissive and cowering. Their relationship develops into intimacy.

In the end, they are taken care of and are able to return to their normal lives. Giuseppe is trying to contact Amber to rekindle their love but does not receive a response to his emails. Giuseppe believes that Amber has turned down his offer, and is despondent. But it’s discovered at the end of the story that his letters have been taken over by Amber’s rich husband who makes sure that Amber will never meet them or Giuseppe again.

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